TailGater Tire Table Makes For a Better Après

Tailgater Tire Table

There is nothing quite like coming back to your car after a long mountain bike ride or a full day in the mountains, cracking open a beer, eating a snack or two, and having a little tailgating party with your friends. But unless you have a monster flat-bed truck, where does everyone sit and more importantly, where do you store the brews and grill up the burgers? Enter the TailGater Tire Table.

Ward Graham, the creator of the ingenious Bar Mitts, came up with the idea after a day spent skiing — as he tried to set up a table next to his truck for a little parking lot après session, the table kept slipping around. Being the savvy inventor that he is, Graham took it upon himself to create a better solution. After tinkering with the design for a few years, he is now ready to take the travel table to market.

TailGater Tire Table is a durable, steel travel table that uses a vehicle tire for its main support — it fits on tires 14″ and up and is stable regardless of ground conditions. The table itself weighs 13 pounds and can hold up to 50 pounds.

The travel table is super easy to install — no tools required. A slider comes out from one end that you use to hook behind your tire. Two small legs in the middle rest against the front of your tire to support the weight. That’s it. There’s an additional support that telescopes out of the front of the table for when you have very heavy loads or need a completely stable workspace for grilling or cooking.

Graham is now taking pre-orders for the TailGater Tire Table over on Kickstarter — for $65 you can get yours at an early bird price before he starts selling them retail at $140.

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