Bar Mitts Keep Your Hands Warm And Dry

Bar Mitts<

Whether you bike commute to work in any weather or just like riding throughout all four seasons, keep your hands warm and dry with Bar Mitts. Unlike thick and heavy gloves, the Bar Mitts allow you to easily operate your bike controls while protecting your hands from wind, cold, snow and rain.

Similar to the bike booties you wear during colder months, Bar Mitts are made of a 5.5mm neoprene that acts as a waterproof insulator. You can further regulate your hand temperature by wearing a light pair of gloves if it’s really cold or partially unzipping the Bar Mitts in warmer weather.

Bar Mitts

The Bar Mitts are easily installed and removed. Once on, the mitts stay secure on your handle bars while riding. The open ended mitts offer unfettered access to your shifter and brake levers while your hands can easily slide in and out.

The Bar Mitts will fit any grouset including Campagnolo, SRAM, and Shimano, as well as flat bar mountain bike or bike commuter setups. The Bar Mitts come in three colors (red, blue, black) and three sizes (S, M, L). You can purchase the Bar Mitts at your local bike store or for $64.95 from the company website.

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