BioLite Expands NanoGrid Lighting System

BioLite NanoGrid

Camping season is finally here. And to help you create a more festive atmosphere at your campsite, BioLite added three new products to their NanoGrid Lighting System — a connected lantern and two different sets of string lights. This versatile system provides an off-the-grid lighting solution for when you are backpacking solo or looking to power a group campsite.


The flatpack BaseLantern ($100) delivers 500-lumens of light to your campsite in a compact package. And it’s not just any old lantern. It’s a connected lantern. Using an app on your phone and connected via Bluetooth, you can turn the lantern on or off, dim the light, change the light color including warmth, set a wake up alarm, and activate proximity control so that the lantern automatically turns on when you walk within range. The internal 7800 mAh rechargeable battery can be used to for up to 54 hours of light on the low setting or fully charge up to four smartphones via the two USB ports.

For those who want even more power to light up a large campsite with lots of connected string lights, the BaseLantern XL ($130) features a monster 12000 mAh rechargeable li-on battery that delivers up to 78 hours of light on the low setting. The BaseLantern XL is available for pre-order now and will start shipping the end of this month.

SiteLight XL

Joining the SiteLight string lights are a Mini and XL version. The SiteLight Mini ($20) features four lights along a 10-foot strand and gives off 150 lumens of light. The SiteLight XL ($30) is a super cool collapsible fabric lantern that looks like a 300-lumen full moon set on 15 feet of cord.

These string lights can all be daisy chained together to fit any size campsite and enable you to unleash your creativity. All the new lights are compatible with the current NanoGrid products such as the PowerLight and PowerLight Mini, but an adapter included in each set also lets you use any USB power source.

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