Sustainable Kicks That Kick Back


As consumers, we have the choice to buy more eco-friendly products or from companies that we know are trying to do some good in the world. SAOLA, a new brand of sustainable footwear, is one of those. Not only are the shoes made with recycled and organic materials, but the company is committed to giving  back to environmental conservation. In other words, SAOLA Shoes are sustainable kicks that kick back.

Led by outdoor industry veteran Guillaume Linossier (former General Manager of LaFuma America), a small team of freelancers have been working on product and brand development over the last year in a half, both in the US and in France. SAOLA’s collection of casual street shoes will be made from sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles, natural cork, recycled foam, and organic cotton.

But it is SAOLA’s kick back element that Linossier is most excited about — five percent of SAOLA sales will be donated to a variety of environmental conservation projects. There are plenty of cool looking shoes out there, but not very many from brands with a sustainability and environmental commitment.


When SAOLA Shoes officially hit stores in Spring 2018, you will have the option to choose from one of three pre-selected projects supporting land, water, and animal conservation that your purchase will support. Due to Kickstarter regulations, the kick back element can’t be part of the fundraising campaign but will most definitely be a part of commercial operations going forward.

If you want to not only get yourself a cool looking pair of shoes, but also help this brand come to life, head on over to the SAOLA Kickstarter campaign. For the campaign, you can choose between one women’s (Iguazzu) and one men’s style (Semnoz) — additional colors will be unlocked the more money that is raised. Reward levels start at $25.

I personally know the people involved in this new sustainable footwear brand and am super excited to see SAOLA finally become a reality. So go get yourself some cool kicks that kick back!

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