The World’s Most Intelligent Bike Helmet

Classon connected helmetWhat do you get when you combine a Cycliq Fly6, Cycliq Fly12, Lumos Helmet, and Garmin Varia all into one? The Classon Helmet from Brooklyness. This intelligent bike helmet not only detects cars approaching in your blind spot but also features motion activated brake and turn signals to keep you more visible to others as you ride.

Cameras at both the front and the back of the helmet continually scan the environment during your ride. All the video input is interpreted by an algorithm and as cars approach from behind, a non-disruptive light under the visor blinks in your peripheral vision to let you know.

To activate the turn signals in the helmet, all you have to do is use the hand signals you normally would when turning. Gesture sensors read your movements and activate the lights on the right or left side of the helmet (both front and back). And when you reduce your speed, the brake lights turn on automatically thanks to the built-in accelerometer.

As the cameras are rolling your entire ride, you can live stream your commute or quickly capture ​and share videos on the fly. Using the Classon App, you can get turn-by-turn navigation delivered to your helmet. A series of directional lights under your visor tell you whether to go left, right or straight.

When you finally arrive at your destination, if you don’t want to bring your helmet into the bar or restaurant, aimply lock it to your bike using the large hole opening in the side.

The Classon Helmet is not exactly lightweight at 1.1 pounds but probably worth it for all the cool features it offers you during your urban bike commute. The battery will give you 2.5 hours of operation and recharges in about an hour.

For $149, you can pre-order your Classon Helmet now over on Indiegogo. Delivery is expected sometime in September.

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