Yuba Supermarché Front-Loader Cargo Bike Now Available

Yuba Supermarche

For those looking for a better way to transport your kids to and from school, pick up groceries for the week, or even bring a keg to the local beach party, look no further than the Supermarché. The latest from Yuba, this front-loader cargo bike can carry up to 300 pounds in addition to your own weight. That’s like a family of four.

The Supermarché can carry passengers both in the front and the back — you can easily hook a baby/child seat on the back, and Yuba offers accessories such as the Bambo Box and Seat Kit for the front cargo area.

Constructed from lightweight aluminum, the Supermarché steers nimbly with a double redundant cable system and double-ended brake cable. It’s super stable and safe to ride, helped by the burly 20 x 2.4″ tires and hydraulic disk brakes that enable you to stop quickly even when carrying a heavy load.

I got to test ride a Supermarché at Sea Otter earlier this year. Compared to my Bulliitt, it feels more responsive and the steering is super smooth. While the 3 x 8 drivetrain gives you plenty of options for a variety of terrain, I would still probably need to add some electric-assist in order to get it back up the hills of Mill Valley.

The Yuba Supermarché retails for $2600 and although on backorder at the moment, they should be able to get one built for your soon.

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