Yuba Releases Electric Supermarché Front-Loader Cargo Bike

Electric Supermarche

I fell in love with Yuba’s Supermarché when I first tested the cargo bike out at Sea Otter a couple of years ago — the steering is ultra smooth and there is no wobble-factor on initial push off. But living in Marin, there was no way I was going to get the almost 60-pound front-loader cargo bike back up the hills to my house after running errands. So I was super excited to hear last week that Yuba finally launched an electric version of the Supermarché.

The Electric Supermarche comes equipped with a powerful Bosch Performance Line CX Motor (designed for e-mtbs) and PowerPack 500 battery that will get you 55 miles of travel before needing a recharge. The system makes very smooth transitions and offers four levels of pedal assist. A torque of up to 75 Nm ensures sporty acceleration even on steep hills, without changing gear.

The Supermarche ditches the clunky steering arm for a more practical cable steering design. The dual cable steering, extra low front cargo rack, and 90-degree steering radius ensures the cargo bike steers like butter.

With features like infinite gear ratios, easy to mount step-through frame, and adjustable cockpit (handlebars and seat height), hauling up to 300 pounds of cargo is super simple. Extra safety features include always charged LED lights and ultra responsive hydraulic disc brakes.

Yuba offers a bunch of add-ons for the Electric Supermarché such as a bamboo front cargo container, bench seat and rain canopy for the kids, or a simple bamboo baseboard with cargo straps. The front-loader cargo bike also includes a Yepp compatible rear cargo rack for even more hauling options. Full coverage fenders, chain guard and front wheelskirt keep you riding even in bad weather, while the double-sided kickstand makes it easy to park the bike anywhere.

The Electric Supermarché retails for $5,999 and is available now (though they are on back order already).

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