Surly Releases Big Easy Electric Cargo Bike

Surly Big Easy

With the goal of expanding what you can haul by bike and for how long, Surly created the Big Easy–one of the most capable cargo bikes on the market today. Offering passenger deck seating, Surly trailer integration, and the option to run dual Bosch PowerPack 500 batteries, families with children, entrepreneurs with bike supported businesses, and commuters who want to run more errands en route to their destination will appreciate the maximum cargo potential of the Big Easy.

The new Big Easy is a longtail electric cargo bike that Surly is calling the 18-wheeler of the cargo bike world, minus the diesel fumes. The cargo bike is equipped with the Bosch Performance Line CX drive unit, which delivers walk-assistance power, fast acceleration even on steep slopes, and up to 300% of pedal assist power (there are four levels of support from 50% in Eco mode to 300% in Turbo mode).

The 250W drive supports speeds up to 20 mph. You can run dual batteries on the electric cargo bike to extend the range (all mounting hardware and wiring included). Bosch doesn’t give a definitive range on each battery but instead offers a range calculator online where you can punch in weight, speed, and level of assist to get an estimate. For example, a 170 pound rider going an average of 14 mph with only Eco level of assist will get 90 miles out of a battery.

The Big Easy rides and feels like a normal-length bike. Surly also increased stand-over height clearance and threw in dropper post routing to promote bike sharing across different-sized riders.

The large-volume 26” x 2.5” ExtraTerrestrial tires and durable wheel builds ensure a stable platform. The maximum rider weight is 300 pounds and the axle load weight is 200 pounds. Surly recommends a maximum total weight of 400 pounds.

The Big Easy looks like an awesome car-replacer for all those around town errands. The electric cargo bike retails for $5000 and is available now from your local Surly dealer.

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