Connect With a Local Pro to Explore And Improve Your Sport

Stomp Sessions

Need someone to show you around a new trail network or backcountry ski area, or want to improve your mountain biking skills? There’s an app for that. Stomp Sessions is a simple mobile platform that matches athletes with local experts and pros to help you explore more and get better faster.

Sports covered in the Stomp Session app include skateboarding, SUP, surfing, mountain biking, trail running, hiking, skiing and snowboarding.  Using the app, you can book a lesson in your sport of choice, receive a tour from an experienced local, or connect and ride with a top pro.

Each session is based entirely on your goals, needs, and current skill level so you won’t end up hucking cliffs in the backcountry if you are a beginner skier. You can choose a coach based on their skill set, ratings and reviews, and pricing (it will vary from local experts to pros). All the coaches are thoroughly vetted , including everything from background checks to in person skills assessment, and all are given coach training. The coaches are also covered by insurance should something go wrong — it is the outdoors after all.

For those that want a once in a lifetime experience, you can book a day out with a pro. These aren’t just random people who call themselves pros, either. You get to ride with the best in the business, from Olympians to local pros, who will share their knowledge and local insights — people like Julia Mancuso, Jeremy Jones, and Cam Zink.

The Stomp Sessions app shows you real-time session availability, instructor profiles, and even handles all the payments. As a bonus, a portion of every session contributes to a quarterly donation to non-profit partners from High Fives Foundation to the Jamie Anderson Foundation to Rocker Memorial Skate Park.

Stomp Sessions is currently available in the Lake Tahoe region (yay!) but expanding to other locations soon. I may just have to use Stomp Sessions this winter to improve my backcountry skiing as it could use a little work.

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