Wahoo Releases MINI Version of Popular ELEMNT Bike Computer


Wahoo just released a new bike computer for all those rides where you simply want to track the basics. Making use of the GPS on your phone and various sensors, the ELEMNT MINI shaves off both weight and size compared to the other ELEMNT bike computer models.

The ELEMNT MINI comes with two connection options: phone free mode and phone mode. In both modes, the bike computer pairs seamlessly with the Wahoo RPM Speed Sensor included in the box, as well as other Wahoo heart rate monitors and cadence sensors (it only works with Wahoo sensors). This is all you need to track basic ride information such as distance, speed, time, cadence, and heart rate.

If you want more detailed ride tracking that GPS can give you, such as route map, elevation, and even live tracking, you need to pair the ELEMNT MINI with the companion app on your phone. You won’t find any advanced GPS functionality like navigation, maps, or turn by turn directions, however — that you get in the bigger models.

The companion app also allows you to set up your data fields and customize profiles. When paired with your phone, you’ll get call and text pop-up notifications but no email notifications.

Unlike the other ELEMNT models, there is no WiFi on the ELEMNT MINI. This means that your ride data is uploaded to places like Strava via the companion app on your phone.

The ELEMNT MINI features a 1.8-inch display (versus 2.7 inches for the ELEMNT) and weighs a scant 1.1 ounces. Despite the small size, Wahoo saved plenty of real estate for two tactile and easy-to-press buttons that allow you to quickly toggle between screens.

The ELEMNT MINI retails for an affordable $100 and is available now.

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