New MSR Stoves For Solo Missions to Basecamp Gourmet

MSR Mini Stove Kit

For 2018, MSR overhauled one of their most popular cooking systems and created a variety of stove kits to satisfy everyone from the ultralight adventurer to group basecamp cooking. My favorite are the new Mini Stove kits which come in one-person and two-person sizes. These ultralight and compact systems are perfect for thru-hikers or bikepackers whose cooking plans amount to just-add-boiling water meals.

The MSR PocketRocket 2 Mini Stove Kit ($79.95) is a small, nested cook set built around the PocketRocket 2 micro stove for fast-boiling performance, and includes all the cookware essentials needed to create the hot meals and coffee that power your adventures.

The .75 liter hard anodized aluminum pot is super lightweight yet durable. Inside you can fit the PocketRocket 2 stove and a 4-ounce fuel canister along with the insulated pot lifter. A plastic bowl nests outside the base of the pot and the sip/strainer lid (which also snaps on to the top of the bowl) keeps everything secure.

The Mini Stove Kit weighs 9.1 ounces (259 grams) for the solo version. In addition to the duo version, you will also be able to buy the pots separately for those of you who already own a PocketRocket 2 stove. Expect to see the Mini Stoves hits stores January 1, 2018.

MSR WindBurner

Also new for MSR is an entire family of WindBurner Stove Systems ($179.95-$259.95) for group backpacking trips or for use at basecamp. To start, MSR decoupled the burner from the canister, giving it a lower, more sturdy profile without cutting down on performance.

For cooking, the system includes a collection of modular, nesting cookware of various sizes that you can mix and match including the 2.5L Sauce Pot ($79.95) for simmered meals; the 1.0L Personal & 1.8L Duo Pots for fast-boil meals and coffee; the 4.5L Stock Pot ($99.95) for group or large volume cooking; and the Ceramic Skillet ($69.95) for pan-frying, simmering and sautéing. All pre-existing WindBurner products and accessories will fit/work with the new remote stove design.

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