Watch The Eclipse And Find Some Gear This Weekend


If you are one of the millions of people expected to head to Wyoming this weekend to watch the eclipse, you could score yourself some sweet outdoor gear in the process. For the past month, Bivy has been traveling across the country stashing gear along popular hikes for someone to find — and this weekend’s stash will be in and around Jackson Hole.

Since July 4th, the team at Bivy has been stashing bags loaded with gear each week at different locations across the country. Dubbed the #geardash, this week’s haul is set to coincide with the eclipse. The team will be in an area around Grand Teton National Park on Saturday stashing the latest geardash bag which includes a GoPro Hero 5 among other awesome stuff.

So how do you know where to find it? First, follow Bivy on social media where the team continually post clues on where to find that week’s geardash. They always include a photo of the bag in the location to give you a hint.

To find it, you will have to use the Bivy app to locate the particular adventure and track you progress to find the gear. If you are the lucky adventurer and the first one to find the stash, you keep it. Post a picture to social media of you with all your prize using the hashtags #geardash #freeadventurefreegear so the team know someone found it.

Let me know if you find it!

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