Nemo Creates The Most Comfortable Camp Chair

NEMO Stargazer

While much of the industry chases the elusive ultralight and compact backpacking chair, Nemo decided to focus on creating the ultimate chair for hanging out outdoors. The result is the swinging Stargaze series of camp chairs. And just like everything Nemo creates, it’s the smart design details that make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

The portable and lightweight Stargaze chairs are a cross between a hammock and a camp chair. The water-resistant mesh seat with a 12-inch high back is decoupled from the aluminum frame with four independent legs that enable you to swing freely, even while sitting on uneven terrain.

The Stargaze chairs come in three versions — the regular Stargaze, the Stargaze Lite, and the super swanky Stargaze Luxury Recliner.

The Luxury Recliner version features a higher back with an automatic recliner that lets you lean back if you want or sit up straight without having to make any adjustments. You also get an adjustable head rest for extra comfort.

The Stargaze Luxury Recliner weighs in at 6 pounds, 5 ounces and packs down into a 23″ x 7″ padded carry case. It will support loads of up to 400 pounds, so you could for sure snuggle up with your dog or one of your kids.

Extra details in all three chairs include a cup holder for your beer and a stash pocket for your phone or perhaps some snacks.

The Stargaze and Stargaze Lite weigh less at 5 pounds, 11 ounces and 5 pounds, 3 ounces respectively. Both support loads of up to 300 pounds — still enough for a dog or a kid.

REI gets an exclusive on the Nemo Stargaze line starting October 1, with all other retailers going live in January or February of next year. Prices range from $179 for the Stargaze and Stargaze Lite to $219 for the Luxury Recliner. You can bet these will be on many a holiday gift list this winter, mine included.

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