Fuel Your Adventures With Trailfoody

Trail Foody

Have you ever planned a last minute adventure only to realize you have no snacks lying around the house? Tired of eating the same old thing every time you go for a hike? You might be a good candidate for a subscription snack box service.

Similar to The Feed, newcomer Trailfoody delivers a variety of healthy and delicious snacks right to your door. Each month, you get a completely different mix of snacks that include dried fruits, jerky, energy bars, crackers/crisps, nut mixes, trail mix, energy drinks, and meal bars. The snacks come packed in a Trailfoody stuff sack so you are ready to hit the trail.

All the Trailfoody foods are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration, including cheeses and spreads. The company goes for organic and non-GMO whenever possible. And for those with dietary restrictions, you now have gluten free and vegetarian subscription options.

The nice thing about subscription snack box services is that you get to discover snacks you might not have tried before or even known about. I know personally that I get stuck on my favorites and it might be a good idea to branch out from time to time.

You can choose from different plans based on the number of people you want to feed and the number of outings you plan to enjoy each month. For example, The Pathfinder plan covers snacks for one person for three different outings each month at a cost of $42.95 per month.

You can also do a one time snack box purchase for $24.95 and instead of monthly subscription service for a year, do it just for a season — for example, summertime when you know you are going to be getting outside more often. Trailfoody will even let you pause your subscription and skip a month if you know you are going out of town or won’t be getting outside that month.

Even if you don’t have any big adventures planned in the near future, who doesn’t love snacks delivered to your front door!

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