World’s First 100% Bio-Based Jacket

Tierra Deterra

Tierra, a Swedish technical outdoor apparel brand around since the 1980s, has long been committed to sustainability and working to lower their environmental impact. Looking for a way to help the outdoor industry reduce our dependency on oil, the brand decided to develop a jacket fully free from fossil based material. The result is the Deterra Jacket, a technical jacket that exclusively uses bio-based elements.

The Deterra Jacket is the first ever 100 % bio-based jacket and includes materials from castor beans, wool, corn, Tencel, cotton, and corozo nuts. Tierra is fully capable of making lighter, more durable, more water resistant, and cheaper jackets, but then they wouldn’t be 100% bio-based. The hope is that this jacket serves as a platform for the industry as a whole to talk about new materials and solutions as part of the quest to make technical clothes that are sustainable both for us users and the planet.

The outer fabric of the Deterra Jacket is woven of EVO yarn consisting of polyamide made of oil from castor beans. The padding is made of wool from German sheep and the threads of Tencel made from wood pulp cellulose. The buttons are made out of corozo nuts from the tagua palm. The hood is adjusted with a simple knot instead of the usual plastic stopper we’re all used to. By reducing the number of different components in the jacket, transportation has also decreased during production.

Tierra’s 100% bio-based jacket will be available in two versions — the Deterra Hood Jacket and the Deterra Shirt Jacket. The hooded jacket will retail for €300, so you will be paying a premium for that eco-friendliness but totally worth it, right? The jackets will start shipping soon and can be ordered from the company website.

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