Land Rover Launches The Toughest Phone in The World

Land Rover Phone

Don’t want to drop $1,000 on an iPhone X only to have the screen break next time it falls out of your pocket on a ride? Land Rover is here for you. Dubbed the “toughest phone in the world,” the Land Rover Explore will stick by you even through the roughest conditions.

The Land Rover Explore is an Android smartphone built in partnership with Bullitt — the same consumer electronics OEM that brought you the Caterpillar and Kodak phones.

The ultra-rugged Explore is splash, water, and dust resistant (to the same level as the Samsung Galaxy S8), and is drop-proof up to 6 feet. It also comes with a factory fitted screen protector to save you from all those inevitable tumbles out of your hand, pack, or pocket. The adventure phone can survive extreme temperature changes, including “freezing cold to blistering heat, thermal shock, intense humidity and vibration exposure.”

The Explore comes with a 4000mAh battery that handles two days of use or one day of activities which involve constant GPS tracking. An optional Adventure Pack adheres magnetically to the back of the phone to offer 3600mAh additional battery capacity, a 25 x 25 ceramic patch GPS antenna, protective case, and stainless steel carabiner with canvas strap. There will also be a Bike Mount package as an add-on.

A compass and SOS light have also been built into the Land Rover Explore, and the touchscreen display can be used when wet or when wearing gloves. One of the apps included on the phone is ViewRanger — topo maps for offline navigation. A 16MP rear camera and 8MP front camera with 4X digital zoom ensures your selfies are always Instagram ready.

The Land Rover Explore phone launches around the end of April and will cost roughly $700. You can sign up for update on the Land Rover Explore website.

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