Outsmart The Fish With Fishbrain


Swedish company Fishbrain believes that fishing is more fun with your buddies. So to help you share your latest catch with friends far and wide, the startup company created an app that lets you not only connect with the wider angling community, but also helps you fish smarter thanks to a unique set of tools.

Sort of like Facebook for anglers, the Fishbrain app lets you track your catches (including what you caught, length and weight of the fish, where you caught it, when, what method and bait you used) and post photos of your catch to share with the wider community. All this info is saved on your profile page so you can keep a record of past catches, what worked, and what didn’t — in terms of privacy, you can choose what to make public or not. On the app you can follow specific anglers and people can follow you so that their posts show up in your news feed.

To help you fish better, Fishbrain captures all this information and serves it up as powerful intel. Using your current location or a specific spot you want to research, a map displays what kind of species are on offer, where to find the local fishing spots, and the latest catches in the area. In the premium version of the app, you can see the exact GPS location of where a fish was caught and even what bait was used.

The Fishbrain team claims that so far they cover almost two million fishing locations across the world and have logged almost one million catches.

One of the key features of the Fishbrain app is their fishing forecast. Starting with their database of catches, they layer in known weather information, including air and water temperature, barometric pressure, wind, and other factors, time of day, and GPS location to create a detailed big fish forecast.

The basic Fishbrain app is free, while the Premium version is available for $7.99/month or $59.99 per year.

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