Instantly Transform Your Truck Into an Rad Adventure Mobile

Fifty Ten

At ISPO last month, one of the Brandnew Award winners was German company Fiftyten. Their ready-made adventure vehicle kits had every dreaming of hitting the road and exploring remote, far off places.

The Fiftyten adventure vehicle kits is a modular system made up of three elements — a base platform with storage space to go over the original cargo area of your truck, a large box as living storage space, and a roomy, comfortable roof top tent for sleeping.

The tray is basically a large, 1.8 m x 1.6 m flat surface to cover the cab of your truck and offer water- and dustproof storage for your gear. There are lashing points all around the tray if you want to use it by itself as a platform to carry bikes or other equipment.

Fastened directly on top of the tray is the box. You access the interior via large side doors and a tailgate. Inside you will find a T-slot rail system throughout so you can customize the interior to fit a kitchen, shelves, drawers, or anything you want. Options include a water tank with pump, on-board battery and charger, as well as a shore power connector.

The rooftop tent attaches to the top of the box and is accessed from inside with a simple spring-loaded push. It includes a 2.7 m X 1.35 m sleeping area with an 80 mm thick spring mattress. The sleeping area folds away when you aren’t using it to give you protected standing space inside the box. The roof of the tent can be walked on and loaded up with even more gear using the airline rails along the entire length.

The Fiftyten modular kits work with double cab pickups from brands including Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, and Ford. The company hopes to expand their range to eventually include extended cab and single cab vehicles.

Each piece of the Fiftyten system can be purchased separately —  the tray costs €5,500, with the box and tent priced at €6,500 each. That means a whole system would set you back around $23,000. Not cheap but more affordable than a fully kitted out Landrover, perhaps?

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  1. “Instantly” yeah, that’s instant alright…you only need to remove the bed of your pickup truck. Like two seconds.

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