A Full Kitchen in a Backpack


What would you say if I told you there was a stove that could grill, fry up breakfast, bake pizza, smoke meats and fish, boil water, rotisserie chicken, act as a fire pit, and even dry your clothes, all while collapsing down to fit in a backpack? No way, you say? Well meet the Aquaforno II — a portable multi-fueled, multi-purpose cooker that will seriously improve your next car camping experience.

The magic behind the Aquaforno II is its telescopic three tier chassis design, which enables you to cook what you want and carry only the parts you need. The base section sits on sturdy tripod legs, with a removable grill that allows you to use it to cook up dinner or as a fire pit. A large door vent allows plenty of airflow adjustability to increase or decrease the heat of the fire.

A removable, food grade stainless steel boiler hugs the base, giving you a liter of boiling water every six to ten minutes. The water is heated from the same fuel source as for cooking so there’s no need for extra equipment to make your morning cup of coffee or bedtime tea.

portable stove

The middle section allows you to raise the grill if cooking over wood — this is also where you can do your frying, as a pan or wok can sit easily on the adjustable tabs on top. The included cooking stone can also sit on the tabs and becomes a very handy dry hot plate for toasting. It’s also a great place to keep food hot while you are waiting for the rest of the meal to be ready.

The third top section creates an enclosed oven with the stone as the base. Here you can roast chicken, make a stew in your dutch oven, bake pizza, or even whip up fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast. The oven is topped with an insulated lid, which includes a thermometer to ensure you have the right setting for your food.

Hangers or side arms located at the top of the oven section enable you to dry clothes or towels via the radiant heat. The stove can be fully sealed and the grill moved towards the top in order to smoke meats or fish inside.

The entire Aquaforno II kit weighs around 44 pounds. The company claims it can be set up in under 2 minutes — no tools required. For cooking, you can use wood or charcoal, and even switch to gas in areas of high fire risk.

The company is taking pre-orders for the Aquaforno II over on Indiegogo. Prices range from $239 for the base stove to $399 for the full kit including accessories.

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