Insulation That Doesn’t Care How Hard You Work in Winter

Clo Insulation

One of the problems with wearing insulated jackets during high intensity outdoor activities in winter, is that the insulation itself can trap moisture. As moisture builds up, the insulation loses its ability to hold on to warm air, meaning you quickly get cold. Clo Insulation believes they have come up with a better solution than what is currently available, one that keeps you warm and dry no matter the conditions or your level of activity.

Through a unique structure, Clo Insulation’s Vivo material is both insulated and breathable at the same time. A small series of holes set within the insulation allow moisture to escape through and away from your body. The holes are large enough to let moisture vapor escape, but too small to allow air to circulate — this means that warm air remains trapped in the holes so that the material maintains its insulating properties. The small holes also give the insulation a four-way stretch, great for garments designed for high intensity outdoor activity.

Vivo insulationClo Insulation claims that Vivo is 30% more breathable than any comparable insulation while maintaining the same level of warmth. I would be very curious to see how it compares to Polartec’s Alpha, the gold standard for active insulation in my humble opinion.

Clo Insulation has already partnered with outdoor brands such as Berghaus and 66°North, with hopes to tackle the North American market soon. The unique Vivo insulation comes in three different styles: Vivo Eco—made with 90% recycled fibers;  Vivo Teknica—provides the perfect balance between breathability and warmth; and Vivo Veluti—delivers a luxury feel while also being super breathable and lightweight.

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