Gore to Make Your Favorite Knit Footwear Waterproof

Gore-Tex 3D

To match the growing popularity of mesh and knit athletic footwear, Gore gets set to introduce Gore-Tex 3D Fit Footwear, a new waterproof, breathable technology that contours to the shape of your foot like a sock.

“With Gore-Tex 3D Fit Footwear, consumers get a shoe that more effectively contours to the shape of their foot, and manufacturers get a technology that is easy to integrate into existing footwear designs,” commented Silke Kemmerling, Product Specialist for the Gore Fabrics Division.

Brands that plan to adopt the new technology include adidas Terrex and Salomon. Salomon will manufacture and market shoes featuring the new technology with their custom made S/LAB ME:sh shoes available mainly to Europeans at the moment.

Gore-Tex 3D Fit Footwear will enable manufacturers to have access to a waterproof breathable insert that is both seamless to cut down on any hot spot issues and  lightweight enough that it can be used in a variety of lighter-weight athletic and lifestyle shoes. The 3D insert contours to the shape of your foot just like a sock, enabling you to wear knitted, elastic, or mesh footwear in broad range of conditions, regardless of weather or activity.

Gore-Tex 3D Fit Footwear also simplifies the assembly process for manufacturers, as Gore assembles the 3D waterproof elastic footwear insert. This is then sent to manufacturers to incorporate into their own footwear without having to do an entire redesign.

Expect to see Gore-Tex 3D Fit Footwear hit the shelves beginning in February 2019.

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