Black Diamond Distance Tent Ideal For Thru-Hikers and Ultralight Backpackers

Black Diamond Distance

Targeting thru-hikers, ultralight backpackers, and even certain alpine climbers, the new Distance tent from Black Diamond is a two-person, three season tent that uses your own trekking poles for the frame instead of tent poles. Compact but roomy with little frills, this is your basic shelter for those that want to move fast and light.

The ultralight, single-wall Distance tent uses two Black Diamond Distance Carbon AR (Accessory Ready) trekking Z-Poles to create the frame. A small DAC cross pole inserts into the accessory ready grips to connect the two trekking poles and give it some stability.

As the Distance is not free-standing, four tension adjustable stake-out points anchor the tent to create a simple, fast pitch shelter. Black Diamond claims it will withstand robust winds.

The lightweight 30 denier poly fabric construction enables the tent to pack down to the size of a Nalgene bottle. Reflective polyester guylines made with a Dyneema core minimize stretch under heavy weather.

A headlamp pocket in the peak of the tent makes for easy hands-free illumination. For cross ventilation, there are vents at both the peak and foot area.

The Distance tent weigh 650 grams — 1030 grams if you include the weight of the two trekking poles. Black Diamond recommends using the Distance fast pitch shelter with a ground cloth or footprint that will be sold separately. Expect the tent to hit shelves in time for thru-hiking season next year.

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