Bling Out Your Bike With Colored Chain Wax Lube

Spectrum Wax

Tired of lubing your chain before every ride and ending up with a gunky, dirty drivetrain after a day on the trail? Chain wax may be your answer. Normally a laborious process, Wend has made it hassle-free with a new rub-on formula that not only promotes a quiet, clean, and efficient drivetrain, but also adds a little bling to your bike in the process.

Wend Spectrum is a rub-on, colored wax chain lubricant — the first colored chain wax in the world. The rub-on wax uses a paraffin based formula that includes proprietary friction reducers as well as proven lubricants such as Zinc and Teflon. And the vivid Day-Glo colors add a bit of fun individuality to your bike.

So why wax your chain in the first place? As wax is not a liquid, it doesn’t attract dirt, sand, or other debris from the road or trail. This leaves you with a cleaner, quieter, happy chain in the end. Believe me, I wish I had this for my ride through Central Asia as dust and dirt were a constant drivetrain enemy.

Traditionally, to wax your chain you had to melt the wax and dip your chain inside the pot like fondue. But with Spectrum, the rub-on wax is applied manually and worked into the links. The result is a ride that’s smooth, quiet, and resistant to the elements within minutes of application.

Not to mention, wax saves time. No more lubing your chain before every ride and less time cleaning your chain when the liquid lubes inevitably attracts all that dirt. Wend claims that a waxed chain in dry road conditions can be ridden 500 miles or more with one waxing (they’ve had a test chain go over 800 miles before squeaking). The company recommends 350 to 400 miles as a good ballpark, however. Note — wet conditions shorten the life of wax like any lube, so just wax more often.

Wend Spectrum retails for $7 for a one ounce tub and is available in six Day-Glo shades—Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Pink.

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