Turn Your Bottle Cage Mount Into an Anything Mount

iomounts mule

While anything mounts are nothing new, carrying anything in your cage mounts apart from water bottles can be a bit awkward. While products such as the Salsa Anything Cage can technically fit your bottle cage mounts, it’s not recommended. So to give you more gear mounting options on your bike, iOmounts decided to apply their magnetic mounting system to the bottle cage mount.

The iOmounts MULE turns your existing bottle cage mount into an anything mount.  The MULE uses powerful magnet technology to effortlessly and securely attach whatever you choose to carry to your bike.

Over the past couple of year, iOmounts has created many products using their unique mounting system — up until now the company has mainly focused on mobile devices and electronics. But as many in the team are avid cyclists, they naturally gravitated towards bike related products, starting with the NOMAD that connects your phone to your handlebars.

The MULE includes two parts — the base that attaches to your bottle cage mounts and the Saddle that safely holds your gear. These two pieces connect via a set of ultra strong magnets. The Saddle uses two flexible tie down straps to securely attach just about anything you want.

I can see the MULE being a great product for those who want to carry extra gear on their bikepacking adventures. iOmounts is taking pre-orders over Kickstarter — for $39 you can get your own Mule with expected delivery in October.

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