Train Indoors for Ice Climbing with Tørr Tools

Hex Climbing

It’s the start of fall which means ice climbing season is not too far away. Time to get training. While the best training for ice climbing is…ice climbing, that’s not exactly easy to do before winter rolls through. Hex Climbing just made things a whole lot easier with their new Tørr Tools.

Wooden ice tool simulators are not exactly new — I own a couple of pairs from Alpkit and Furnace Industries. But the loop-style ends don’t exactly work on all climbing gym holds and you can’t do advanced dry tooling moves like stein pulls.

By contrast, Tørr Tools were designed from the ground up for training use at indoor climbing gyms, with a geometry optimized for use with gym walls. Shaped almost exactly like a real ice tool, the picks are soled with 5.10 Stealth C4 rubber to provide a superior grip on climbing holds. This should also make the gym owners happy as it’s no different than you stepping on the holds in your climbing shoes.

The Tørr Tools handles and shafts are optimized for gloveless hands. And you don’t have to worry about the tools breaking — they meet UIAA T tests for stein pull and shaft strength.

The new Tørr Tools from Hex Climbing retail for $170 and are available from the company website.

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