A Cooking Pot That Fits in Your Pocket

Bear Bowl

You may have seen Bear Minimum and their square, folding cooking pots on Shark Tank last night. The Bear Bowls make a great option for those who want to cook on the trail but are worried about space and weight.

The Bear Bowl comes in three different sizes with a maximum capacity of 32 ounces, 64 ounces, and 128 ounces. The Baby Bear, as the smallest pot is called, weighs just 6.3 ounces and folds down to fit in your pocket. The large Papa Bear Bowl weighs only 14.5 ounces, so still super lightweight.

The Bear Bowl cook pot body is made from a food grade PTFE coated fiberglass that is used in food manufacturing plants as well as in cooking, grilling and baking products. With four folds and two snaps, the Bear Bowl folds flat into a compact size.

The folding cooking pots work with all controlled flame camping stoves including iso-propane, alcohol, and solid fuel cubes. And while not recommended, the pot can be used over an open flame in a pinch if wrapped in aluminum foil.

The company claims you can cook virtually anything you want in your Bear Bowl — eggs, hamburgers, and of course boil water for coffee, tea, purifying, and all your dehydrated meals. The folding cooking pot can boil 32 ounces of water in around five to eight minutes.

When you are done cooking, simply unsnap the pot and wipe it clean — no pot scrubbing required. And when not in use as a cooking pot, you can use the cubes to fetch water or even as a wash basin for the rest of your dishes.

The Bear Bowls retail for $29.95 to $49.99 depending on size and are available now.

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