Test Your Wilderness Survival Skills With the New Trailhead Game

Trailhead Game

The team behind Trailhead wanted to create a game that was perfect for backpacking — lightweight, easy to learn, and fun to play over and over again. In the process, they also hoped to inspire people to get outside and take good care of our public lands.

Trailhead is a fast action dice game that’s all about managing your resources, pushing your luck, and being adventurous. In Trailhead you do what it takes to be the first player to escape the wilderness alive.

The premise of the game is this — you and up to four of your camp buddies are lost in the wilderness and running low on water, each striving to be the first player to reach the safety of the trailhead. Collect Trail Markers to move forward, but watch out—you lose water at the end of every turn.

The trail is concealed to all players at the start of the game. As you move forward, you expose the difficulty of the trail with each new map tile you uncover. Easy tiles drain your water supply more slowly, but moderate and hard map tiles mean thirsty times for everyone.

As you venture through the wilderness, you can collect Survival Cards that give you new abilities to help you blaze the trail, thwart other players, or even alter the trail itself.

Use the Trailhead dice each turn to collect the resources you need to survive and keep moving. Your key to winning will be balancing the items you need to blaze the trail with your ever dwindling water supply.

Just when you think you’ve got your strategy dialed in, the wilderness throws you a curve ball. In Trailhead, whenever any player rolls 3 of a kind, a new rule is introduced by drawing an Explore Card. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but usually just chaotic, Explore Cards mimic the wilderness in all its temperamental glory.

Trailhead weighs just 10.3 ounces and comes packed in a small tin box.  For those traveling in the backcountry where every once counts, the whole game slims down to 5.9 ounces in a single ziplock bag.

The team is running a Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders for Trailhead and today is the last day. For $30 you can get your own wilderness survival game with delivery expected in May.

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