Halloween Costumes Featuring Your Favorite Outdoor Gear

Patagonia Vest

It’s Halloween. You’ve received a last-minute invitation to hottest party in town. You have no costume so what do you do? Don’t worry — you have plenty of options right there in your gear closet. Here are our picks for the top five outdoor gear related costumes that not only highlight your outdoor cred but also your irrepressible sense of humor.

Jared from Silicon Valley

Find those pair of khakis and button down shirt you saved for those rare need-to-dress-up occasions, top with your favorite Patagonia fleece vest and you’ll fit right in with every other tech-bro in Silicon Valley.


Laurie Strode (a.k.a. Jamie Lee Curtis) from Halloween

Grab your Barbour Jacket and throw on your Merrell boots, attach a fake knife to your belt, and get ready to kick some mask-wearing butt. Bonus points: bring along a friend in a Jason mask.

Breaking Away

Dave Stohler in Breaking Away

This teenage coming of age film is a cult-classic in the cycling world. To channel your inner Dave Stohler, all you need is a Campagnolo cycling cap worn backwards, bike shorts (the shorter the better), tube socks, cycling gloves, and a white t-shirt that you can write “CUTTERS” on.


Cheryl Strayed in Wild

Stuff a huge backpack with pillows — bonus points if it’s an old school external frame pack — and be sure to have tons of stuff hanging off it like a true junk show. Wear shorts, a T-shirt, plaid shirt, and thick wool socks with Danner boots. Not showering for a few days prior is a great idea as well.

Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold

If you haven’t seen the movie Free Solo yet, add it to your list. Just get ready for sweaty palms. Going as Alex for Halloween is easy — simply throw on a red t-shirt, pair of climbing pants (both preferably from The North Face, his sponsor), attach a chalk bag to your belt, and wear a pair of climbing shoes.

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