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Camping Project

Yesterday, REI announced that they have teamed up with on the company’s new Camping Project website. Here, you can not only search for bookable campsites and outdoor properties by location but also by nearby activities.

Camping Project enables you to search through more than 3,400 bookable campgrounds, cabins, and lookouts and thousands of other outdoor properties using data. You can also filter by activity to find hiking, mountain biking, trail running, climbing and backcountry skiing near each campsite. Data for nearby trails and routes is pulled from REI’s Adventure Projects, online guides offering maps and resources to plan outdoor trips and activities.

When I search for Yosemite, up comes a full list of all the available campsite in the area. When I click on the Hodgdon Meadow campsite, I get a full list of campsite details as well as a list of popular climbs and hiking or biking trails near the campsite.

REI will continue to add more functionality into Camping Project in the coming months. You will be able to check campsite availability directly on the site and see photos, star ratings, and reviews.

For now, you will be directed to to complete bookings. underwent a complete overhaul in early October, launching a reimagined and mobile-optimized website that greatly improves the experience of booking federal campsites.

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