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Atrack BP

For some bikepackers, wearing a backpack is a more viable option than loading your bike down with a bunch bags. At 25 liters, the new Atrack BP from Ortlieb offers a great way to carry a ton of gear on your bike if you don’t mind the weight on your back.

Hydration compatible, the Atrack BP is basically a waterproof duffel with adjustable backpack straps. The pack is made from Ortlieb’s PVC-free bike bag fabric so it’s super lightweight, and to drop more weight (and make it more rider friendly), the company ditched the hipbelt in favor of pads that rest on your lower back and a removable buckled waist strap to keep the pack in place. All in, the Atrack BP weight 45.9 ounces or just under three pounds.

Atrack BP

The inside of the pack is accessed via a large waterproof TIZIP zipper down the front to give you access to all your gear at once. Inside you’ll find four zippered pockets to help organize your small items in an otherwise cavernous main compartment. There is a compression strap, however, to help secure larger items in place and a carabiner clip for your keys.

On the outside of the pack, you’ll find two compression straps along the sides and one down the front of the bag to keep everything stable and compact as you ride. These straps can also be used to hang extra gear if necessary. Two large mesh pockets on the outside of the pack are perfect for stowing bottles, shoes, or wet gear. There is also an accessory loop to hook your helmet.

Atrack BP

To accommodate any size rider, personal preference, or riding position, the shoulder straps and pads on the back panel slide up and down on a set of rails with markers for small, medium, and large.

The Atrack BP retails for $265 and Ortlieb says it will be available this summer.

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