Yeti Created The Ultimate Gear Storage Box

Yeti GoBox

While it may not keep your beer cold, the new LoadOut GoBox from Yeti will not only organize your gear, but also protect it from the extremes of your outdoor adventures. Storing and organizing your gear into a variety of cargo boxes makes it so much easier to simply grab and go on weekends.

Yeti is known for durability and the LoadOut GoBox is no different. Made from the same material as the brand’s coolers, the gear box may not be insulated but is tough enough to withstand serious impact, even in the most extreme conditions.

Similar to the coolers, the gasket, latches, and vent work together to ensure the gear box remains both waterproof and dustproof. So go ahead and leave it out in the rain or throw it in the back of the truck for your desert adventures.


The LoadOut GoBox is designed with versatility in mind. To help with organization, the box is built for nesting and non-slip feet keep your setup high and tight. For internal organization, the cargo box comes with a variety of accessories including the Divider, Caddy, and Pack Attic.

Each LoadOut GoBox measures 20 1/2” × 11 1/8” × 14 5/8” for roughly 30 liters of storage space and weighs 11.8 pounds empty. 

The Yeti LoadOut GoBox comes in three different colors (black, tan, white) and retails for $250. This may be four times the price of a good old-fashioned ActionPacker, but your gear is worth it, right?

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