Tepui Hybox is a Cargo Carrier and Rooftop Tent in One

Tepui Hybox

Gearing up for the holidays, Tepui announced that the much anticipated Hybox will be available for pre-order starting today. A combination cargo carrier and rooftop tent, the Hybox adds a level of versatility to your travels.

As a rooftop tent, the Hybox offers a comfortable sleeping platform and protective side canopy. When you are road tripping or in the middle of winter, the Hybox can be used as gear storage so you don’t have to completely switch out stuff on the top of your car.

The Hybox uses a high-strength ABS shell that creates a lightweight yet rigid, contoured exterior. The shell design is aerodynamic in order to give you a more fuel efficient and quiet ride.

The upper half of the interior is lined with a quilted insulation for sound damping and cold weather insulation. Tepui’s Zipper Gimp system allows the tent canopy to be fully removed, converting the rooftop tent into a cargo carrier for storing skis, snowboards, duffel bags, and plenty of other gear.

If you are looking for a big ticket item for someone on your list, the Tepui Hybox is available for presale at $2,395, a $500 discounted rate. After the holiday pre-sale, the Hybox will retail for $2,895.

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