A New Eco-Friendly Ski Wax Made From Plants


Most ski wax is made from petroleum, which means it eventually ends up in the local streams and rivers as the sharp snow crystals abrade away small layers when you glide down the hill. As a more eco-friendly alternative, plant-based waxes have traditionally been hard to get right but Colorado company mountainFLOW believes they have one that is both fast and durable.

There are hundreds of plants from which a wax or oil can be extracted to make ski wax. Current plant-based ski waxes on the market predominantly use soy which has some limitations in terms fo performance compared to petroleum-based wax. MountainFLOW decided to use a combination of plant waxes in order to create a ski wax that is both faster and more durable.

Now, after two years of research and testing hundreds of combinations, mountainFLOW believe they have created the perfect plant-based ski wax that offers glide, hydrophobicity, durability, and ease of application.

The company used professional race timing equipment to run a series of speed tests on different courses, in different snow conditions, and with different skiers. In each of these tests, mountainFLOW’s plant-based wax performed just as well as a conventional (petroleum-based) ski wax. And in terms of durability, the wax lasted for 4-6 days, which is the industry standard for durability.

MountainFLOW’s packaging is made from 100% recycled material and is also completely biodegradable. Starting at $14, you can pre-order the plant-based ski wax over on Kickstarter. Expected delivery is in November, so plenty of time to get your skis ready for the winter season.

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