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Velocio Superfly

Dropper Bibs Make Life Easier For Female Cyclists

Velocio Superfly

Everyone says once you go bibs you will never go back. But for us women, it’s not that easy. When nature calls, we need to fully strip off all our top layers just to get the bibs down–a huge pain in the the backside, especially on long rides or when needing to go behind the nearest tree. Cycling apparel companies heard our plea and started creating bibs with a variety of drop seat designs. Here are some of our favorite dropper bibs this season.

Sugoi Women’s RS Pro Bib Shorts


I have never been a fan of bib shorts for cycling or any bib pants for that matter mainly for one reason- you have to strip down every single top layer first in order to go to the bathroom. Sugoi has finally found a way for us women to get all the benefits of wearing a bib short without the hassle in their new Women's RS Pro Bib Short design for 2014. 

Dirtbaggies Bib Mountain Bike Shorts

Dirtbaggies bib mountain bike shorts Dirtbaggies Bib Mountain Bike shorts

Bib shorts are a common sight for roadies, but even among the lycra set can elicit some strong opinions both for and against. Within the baggy short mountain biking brigade, bib shorts would normally be seen as an abomination against the sport. So imagine the stir created when Southern California company Dirtbaggies entered the scene, trying to convert the dirt riding masses over to the bib mountain bike short. 

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