Sugoi Women’s RS Pro Bib Shorts


I have never been a fan of bib shorts for cycling or any bib pants for that matter mainly for one reason- you have to strip down every single top layer first in order to go to the bathroom. Sugoi has finally found a way for us women to get all the benefits of wearing a bib short without the hassle in their new Women's RS Pro Bib Short design for 2014. 

The Women's RS Pro Bib Shorts feature a pair of quick release buckles where the straps meet the front of the cycling shorts. When you need to head to the ladies room, simply release the buckles without ever having to remove your jersey or jacket.

My first reaction was this is great but will never work in practice as the straps will always slip off. Sugoi has smartly placed a piece of webbing across the front straps to keep them from either going up over your head or slipping off of your shoulders as soon as you pull on the cycling shorts. 

These Pro level bike shorts also use a new silicone printed inner leg opening with low-profile leg band to keep them from riding up while on the bike. A combination of the women's Formula FX chamois and lack of inseam get rid of any under chamois bulk. 

The Women's RS Pro Bib Shorts use the same Ultra Aero fabric as the current Women's RS Bike Shorts. Ultra Aero is a dimensionally-constructed knit with a dimpled surface to create less friction and superior aerodynamics when moving through the air. Using a combination of stretch and compression, the shorts keep your muscles energized and working efficiently during your ride. The fabric is also highly breathable and quickly transfers sweat away without dehydrating your skin.

The Sugoi Women's RS Pro Bib Shorts will be available for Fall 2013. No word yet on pricing, but it will probably fall somewhere around their current $160 RS Bib Short price. What do you think ladies?

(Sugoi via Bike Rumor)

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