Dropper Bibs Make Life Easier For Female Cyclists

Velocio Superfly

Everyone says once you go bibs you will never go back. But for us women, it’s not that easy. When nature calls, we need to fully strip off all our top layers just to get the bibs down–a huge pain in the the backside, especially on long rides or when needing to go behind the nearest tree. Cycling apparel companies heard our plea and started creating bibs with a variety of drop seat designs. Here are some of our favorite dropper bibs this season.

Pearl Izumi Drop Tail Bib Shorts ($175): The Women’s P.R.O. In-R-Cool Bib Shorts feature both a front closure that keeps your bib straps from slipping down, as well as hooks that separate the back of the bibs for when you need to hit the loo. The straps can take a few yoga maneuvers to get back up, however.

Pearl Izumi Drop Tail

Velocio SuperFly Bib Short ($229): Built into the Signature Bib Short 2.0, the Superfly zip running up the back makes for easy on and off of the shorts–no halter contraptions and no oddly placed seams. The zipper can’t be felt while pedaling and isn’t used while regularly dressing or undressing.

Giro Ride Halter Bib ($150): Instead of straps, Giro went with a halter style top for their bibs–almost like a halter swimsuit. When its time for your pit stop, simply slip the halter strap over your head. You don’t even need to unzip your jersey if you have the mad skills required to slide it back up underneath.

Giro Halter Bib

Specialized SL Pro Bib Shorts with Hook-Up ($180): Specialized went ahead and replaced the entire women’s SL Pro line with the new Hook-Up dropper technology this year. The design uses a magnet clasp in the back that you can unhook with one hand in order to drop your shorts and do your business. When you’re done, simply grab both ends and snap them back together.

Louis Garneau also makes a variety of women’s bibs with a clasp in the front and the Hincapie Power Bibshorts ($140) use a standard buckle at the back. So, plenty of options for us women to join the bib revolution.

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