Six Collapsible Backcountry Booze Haulers

foldable flask

Backpacking season is here and just because you hike miles away from civilization, doesn’t mean you need to camp uncivilized. Ditch the boxed wine–instead, these collapsible booze haulers will carry your favorite tipple, keep it fresh for days, then fold down to nothing when you’re done. All you have to do is decant.

GSI Highlands Flask: These multi-layer, BPA-free, laminate bottles with foiled exterior flatten and roll when you have finished drinking for easy storage in your pack. An integrated pour assist handle makes for spill-free sharing while the wide-mouth opening means filling and cleaning is a breeze. A rewritable date bar on the outside lets you record the name, distiller and fill date. The Highlands Flask comes in both a 9-fluid-ounce ($5.95) and 25.3-fluid-ounce ($9.95) version.

GSI Soft Sided Carafe ($9.95): This soft-sided wine reservoir uses a unique, two-stage cap with a wide mouth opening for filling the bag, and a second, smaller opening for dispensing the perfect pour. The foiled exterior includes a rewritable date bar to record varietal, vintage, vinter, and uncorking date.


Platypus PlatyPreserve Wine Preservation System ($9.95): One for the oenophiles to use at home as well as on the trail, the PlatyPreserve extends the life of your wine by eliminating exposure to oxygen–meaning you can continue to enjoy the delicate flavors for several days or even weeks later. At 800 ml, each soft, BPA-free plastic container will hold up to one bottle of wine.

Vapur Vintage Wine Carrier ($11.99) and Incognito Flexible Flask ($6.99): With their flexible, low profile design, Vapur’s collapsible Anti-Bottles offer portability while ditching the weight of a breakable bottle. At a full 0.75L capacity, the Vintage Wine Carrier is built to hold up to one bottle of any wine variety, while the Incognito Flask holds 10 ounces or 0.3L of our favorite High West Double Rye Whiskey. Both come outfitted with an easy screw cap and a peekaboo window.

Flask2Go ($7.95 – set of two):Advertised as a way to bring booze to a ball game, these foldable, reusable, BPA-free flasks hold 7.5 ounces of your drink of choice.

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