Collapsible Bottles For Water, Condiments, Or A Backcountry Tipple

GSI Outdoors Collapsible Bottles

One of the most difficult parts of packing for any backpacking or camping trip is what to do with all the liquids. Plastic or stainless steel bottles add weight and take up room, even when empty. The new collapsible bottle series from GSI Outdoors will make it easier for you to carry all the liquids you need on the trail, from water and condiments to your favorite after dinner drink. 

For all your basic hydration needs, the H2O Lite Water Bags in 0.5L (MSRP $6.95) and 1L (MSRP $7.95) sizes fit the bill. The lightweight design flattens and folds or rolls up neatly for storage in your pack. The no-spill lid only dispenses water when opened and squeezed. Graduations are printed on the reverse side of the collapsible bottle so you know how much water is remaining. 

GSI Outdoors H2O Lite Water Bag

The Soft Sided Bottle Sets (picture top) come in a group of four 60ml (MSRP $11.95) or 100ml (MSRP $12.95) sizes, perfect for all the other liquids you need on the trail such as olive oil, soap, or ketchup. The collapsible bottles are color coded for easy identification and come with both flip top squeeze lids and tethered twist off lids to suit the contents.

GSI Outdoors Highland Flask

If you enjoy an after dinner nightcap in the backcountry, GSI Outdoors has created two collapsible flasks, the Highland 250ml (MSRP $5.95) and Highland 750ml (MSRP $9.95), making it easy to carry your favorite distilled beverage along with you on the trail. The company added an exterior layer of foil for insulation and UV protection, including a rewritable date bar to record the name, distiller, and fill date. A wide-mouth opening and pour assist handle make the collapsible bottle simple to fill and share the contents with friends. 

GSI Outdoors Soft Sided Wine Carafe

How about some wine with dinner or to celebrate reaching the summit? Taking inspiration from the Climber Pouch, the 750ml Soft Sided Wine Carafe (MSRP $9.95) is designed to transport your favorite varietal deep into the backcountry. The unique, two-stage cap's wide mouth opening makes filling the collapsible bottle from a glass wine bottle incredibly easy, while the second, smaller opening makes dispensing the perfect pour simple and splash free. A stylish, tapered silhouette with cork embellishment and foiled exterior includes a rewritable date bar on the reverse to record varietal, vintage, vinter and uncorking date.

The new collapsible bottle series from GSI Outdoors will be available for Spring 2013. 

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