Hydrapak SoftFlask Collapsible Bottles

Hydrapak SoftFlasks

Hydrapak, makers of the revolutionary Salomon Soft Flask, has now created an extended SoftFlask line of their own. Offered in five different lightweight sizes, the collapsible bottles are designed for a wide range of recreational uses from running and hiking, to climbing and even winter sports.

The SoftFlask collapses as you drink so the remaining water doesn't bounce around and you can drink every last drop. Once empty, the collapsible bottle scrunches up small, taking up no room in your pack or pocket. 

The SoftFlasks are made from the same durable and flexible material as the Hydrapak reservoirs- an RF welded polyurethane verses a heat welded polyethylene- meaning they are less likely to rupture or leak. This also means the SoftFlasks are easy to turn inside out in order to better clean and dry.  

The Hydrapak SoftFlasks now come in 5 different sizes. The updated SF150 (5 oz.) and SF250 (8 oz.) sizes are primarily used as gel flasks but I also think they come in handy for storing condiments when backpacking. The new, larger SF350 (12 oz.), SF500 (17 oz.) , and SF750 (25 oz.), are more water-centric (or wine in the backcountry anyone?) with a wider cap for easy filling and a shut-off option for extra security. A silicon bite valve offers maximum flow potential.

Additional highlights include optional carry straps and dust covers for those dry trail days. The collapsible bottles are as easy to use as sipping from a straw so you don't have to remove them from the front of your running vest or tilt your head sideways on the bike. 

The Hydrapak SoftFlasks retail for $11.99-$20.99 and will start shipping in October. 

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