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Ski Boots Become Breathable Thanks To Gore-Tex

Dynafit Ski Boots

Ski mountaineering, ski touring, or backcountry skiing are more of a highly active pursuit than say resort skiing–you need to use your own power to get uphill. This means sweat and sweaty feet equal cold feet. To combat clammy, cold feet at the end of the day, Gore-Tex teamed up with top ski mountaineering boot manufacturers to create more breathable liners for those that earn their turns.

Skiers-Covet Those Snowboarding Boots No Longer

FreeMotion Soft Ski Boots

While skiing The Canyons in Park City, UT last week, I was very jealous of my friend Billy's snowboard boots. As soon as he was off his board, he could easily run around, while I was stuck clomping around in my heavy, stiff ski boots. Suffer no more skiers, Austrian company FreeMotion has designed a ski boot which offers you the full flex comfort of a snowboarding boot without sacrificing on downhill performance.

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