Skiers-Covet Those Snowboarding Boots No Longer

FreeMotion Soft Ski Boots

While skiing The Canyons in Park City, UT last week, I was very jealous of my friend Billy's snowboard boots. As soon as he was off his board, he could easily run around, while I was stuck clomping around in my heavy, stiff ski boots. Suffer no more skiers, Austrian company FreeMotion has designed a ski boot which offers you the full flex comfort of a snowboarding boot without sacrificing on downhill performance.

The FreeMotion ski boots consist of two main components, a soft inner boot and a rigid outer exoskeleton. The inner boots offer comfort, lightness, and the freedom of movement you don't normally get in ski boots. The boots provide a better fit, without the need to have them specially molded to your foot. 

Similar to a mountaineering boot, you can easily get in and out of the ski boots through a front zippered gaiter. A special lacing system along the tongue can be infinitely tightened with one hand to give you as much stability and firm foot placement as you desire. 

FreeMotion ski boots

A top locking buckle secures the soft inner boots into the external exoskeleton framework. The power string control system along the side of the rigid frame optimizes the power transfer to your skis, while still allowing for mobility in your ankle.

Each FreeMotion ski boot weighs around 1.65 kg, so not a ton lighter than say a tele boot. The innovative design supposedly helps to minimize leg muscle fatigue so that you can ski longer and harder during the day.  

The FreeMotion ski boots come in both men's (black) and women's (white) styles, retailing for €400. 

Although all in German, jump to 3:40 in the video below to see the FreeMotion ski boots live.


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