Biodegradable Barefoot Shoes For Outdoor Activities

One Moment Biodegradable Shoes

Looking to ride the barefoot shoe movement, Spanish company OneMoment (01M) has created a new shoe similar in concept to the Inov-8 EvoSkin but without the toes. Completely biodegradable, the 01M shoes behave like a second skin, protecting your feet while giving you the freedom of going barefoot. 

Made from a natural 100% biodegradable plastic, the 01M barefoot shoes utilize a polymer injection molding technique that enables a 1 mm thickness for the shoe body with 2 mm for the sole. Skin tight against your feet, the elastic material adapts to your own foot form over time.

Anti-slip soles provide a gecko like grip over slippery terrain. The biodegradable plastic is supposedly breathable so that you don't end up with a sweaty foot mess after starting your chosen outdoor activity.  

OneMoment biodegradable barefoot shoes

The OneMoment team was inspired by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rain forest who paint the soles of their feet with natural latex obtained from the Hevea trees. This enables swift and safe movement through the jungle during rainy season. The latex layer degrades naturally, becoming part of the environment again once used. 

The 01M biodegradable shoes come in 5 different unisex sizes and in a variety of colors, including lime green, black, red, white, blue, yellow, and pink. The barefoot shoes retail for €10 and can be purchased from the company website. 


  1. Can somebody who has bought and tried them in a hot/warm climate please tell me if they make your feet sweat…?

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