A Ski Boot That Teaches You How to Ski Better

Atomic Hawx

At CES last week, Austrian ski equipment maker Atomic unveiled their new connected ski boots — the Atomic Hawx Ultra Connected. Developed in conjunction with biomechanics experts from Salzburg University and Salzburg Research, the connected ski boots track and analyze your movements for instant on-slope feedback via the corresponding Connected App.

The Hawx Ultra Connected ski boots tell you how to adjust your skiing technique for better performance through refining your balance, pressure control, and edging skills. The ski boots feature Suunto’s Movesense and embedded force sensors inside the liner that interface via Bluetooth with the Connected App on your phone. Analyzing the data from these sensors, the app gives you feedback on your technique.

Hawx Ultra Connected

The Connected App delivers loads of ski specific data like balance, pressure control, edging, slope angle, turn count, GPS track, run count, average speed, top speed, total distance, total vertical and more. Acting like both a personal coach and training log, the app delivers a rundown of your skiing technique the second you finish each run while archiving your results from a season’s worth of skiing.

You can set goals and reach targets in order to improve your skiing over the course of a season. You can also compete with your friends who are also on the app and share your data with the wider ski community.

No word yet from Atomic on either pricing or actual availability of the Hawx Ultra Connected so stay tuned. My guess is they will be out sometime at the end of 2019.

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