Ardica Brings Portable Heat And Power To Spyder

Spyder Knockout with Ardica portable heat

Mountain Hardwear
, now
Spyder Active Sports
is adopting the portable heat and power technology from San Francisco startup Ardica.  Spyder has produced only 24 limited edition ski jackets that include the
Ardica Moshi
portable heat and power system in order to test the market response. The majority of jackets will be given to US Ski Team athletes and members of the Olympic media, with 4 reserved for give-aways in consumer social media contests during December and January. 

The Ardica Moshi system includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack with integrated micro-processor that provides the portable heat and power to the jacket. Three light-weight heating elements can provide almost 9 hours of continuous heat on the lowest setting and up to 3 hours on the highest. A USB port and adapter integrated into the front pocket lets you charge almost any electronic device while on the move. 

"The incorporation of Ardica technology into our jackets represents Spyder's ongoing commitment to being at the forefront of technological innovations in the ski apparel industry," said Spyder's senior merchandising manager Fred Dennis. "We'll test the heat pack's validity and resourcefulness to those within our ski realm, and make commercial decisions based on our report findings."

The Spyder jackets with Ardica will not be available to the general public until 2011. That's almost two years after the Mountain Hardwear release. Surely Spyder could test market response based off of the Mountain Hardwear sales figures and reviews. I wonder if Mountain Hardwear signed some sort of exclusivity deal with Ardica in terms of apparel integration?

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