Klymit Secures $2.2 Million Investment Led By Level 4

Klymit Kinetic Vest

Great news for Ogden company Klymit, an innovator in insulation technology. Level 4 Group, a consultant and investor specializing in defense, security and public safety products and technology, announced yesterday that they led a $2.2 million investment round for Klymit. This will be the second round of funding for Klymit, who received an initial investment of $320,000 shortly after winning the BYU business plan competition in 2007. 


Klymit has created the Klymit Kinetic Vest line, which features the innovative Klymit NobleTek insulation system. Vest wearers are able to adjust their level of warmth via the flexible, gas-tight yet breathable chambers filled with argon gas. The gas provides an insulation layer that is warmer, thinner and lighter weight than other standard insulators such as down. The argon gas comes in tiny canisters that hook to a special valve system in the vest, allowing the wearer to adjust the insulation level simply with the turn of a dial. 

"Level 4 Group has been talking with Klymit over the past year and after fully evaluating the unique aspects of their product set, we are truly enthused to be a part of the Klymit team," said David Kervin of Level 4 Group. "Klymit's cutting-edge insulation technology is something we feel has game-changing potential in the defense markets."

Is it a smart idea for Klymit to head down the defense industry route? Will this push the Company away from their initial core market of the outdoor industry? The defense market can undoubtedly be a much more lucrative market than outdoor and many technologies have been perfected in defense first before moving down to the consumer level. However, sale lead times in the defense industry are incredibly long and can suck up resources in a small company. So lets hope Level 4 Group has some people that can get Klymit on the inside fast track. 

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