Zeal Optics GPS Integrated Winter Goggles

Zeal Optics GPS Integrated Winter Goggles

Zeal Optics has partnered with Recon Instruments to bring you the Transcend winter goggles with integrated GPS and direct-to-eye communications display. Even though Recon did not win an ISPO Brand New Award for their technology, Zeal grabbed the ISPO Boardsports Award for the Accessory Category.

The Transcend winter goggles double as a head mounted display with state of the art sensors, optics and GPS technology. The digital display will provide real time access to information such as speed, altitude, vertical odometer, stopwatch + chronos mode, temperature and time. The goggle lenses offer permanent anti-fog capability.

Minimum interaction is required during use. Sleek graphics and smart optics are completely non-obtrusive to front and peripheral vision. Much like the dashboard of a car, the Transcend winter goggles display provides you with an overview of performance enhancing data when you choose to see it. The goggles come equipped with USB charging and data transfer capability to upload all your data and statistics to the included tracking software so you can analyze and share it with friends. 

I got to finally meet CEO Wink Jackson at ISPO yesterday and try on the Transcend goggles for myself. A small projector illuminates the graphics on the inside bottom of goggles so they are not in the way of your regular vision. A toggle button on the right side of the lens lets you switch between the information you would like to display. The software that comes with the package will also let you set up the exact menu and type of data you would like to record. 

The Transcend will come in two lens options: SPPX xtreme low light photochromatic + polarized lens for $450 and SPX polarized no-fog lens for $350. The winter goggles will start shipping October 1st 2010 and you can pre-book your pair today from the Zeal Optics website.  


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