Alite Designs Dog Accessories

Alite Designs Dog Products

I first met the team of Alite Designs at Outdoor Retailer a year ago. Ever since, I have been in love with their simple, yet innovative and functional product design, use of bold colors and above all their great sense of humor. It's all about having fun in the outdoors and with their new Spring line of gear, that fun now extends to your dog. 

The dog accessories line is designed by Alite team member Nicholaus Slone. Integrating lightweight materials with sleek urban-outdoor design, the dog products include a dog leash, dog collar and dog waste bag dispenser, all very affordable at $13 to $30.  

The 59" Boa Light Leash is made from 210D nailhead nylon fabric (same fabric used in backpacks) with 3D mesh. The coolest feature of the leash is the stealth dog waste bag dispenser. A small zipper pouch at the top of the leash hides the dog waste bags and feeds them out a small slot in the back as you need them. No more attaching a white plastic bone to the end of the dog leash or having to remember to grab a plastic bag every time you leave the house.  

A quick release tether and handle loop make it easy to tie-up your dog while you head into the coffee shop. The front of the dog waste bag dispenser has a second small zipper pocket to store keys, money and other essentials while you are out for your walk. A loop on the bottom of the dispenser lets you hang a light for those nighttime bathroom runs. The Boa Pod takes the same waste bag dispenser of the Boa Light Leash and lets you attach it to any leash you may already own.  

The Kung Fu Collar is basically a small fanny pack for your dog's neck. You can hide an emergency dog waste bag in the tiny zipper pouch on the side of the dog collar so you aren't caught empty handed the days you decide not to bring the leash. The dog collar is comfortable, lightweight and comes with an adjustable neck size. 

All the dog accessories along can be bought from the Alite online store. 

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