Somnio Running Expands Into Technical Casual Shoes

Somnio Technical Casual Shoe

Somnio Running has taken their custom fit component system and applied it to a new, technical casual shoe line. Somnio shoes are designed with the idea that an individual's biomechanics can be improved through the adjustability of key components of the shoe. All of the customization ensures you are correctly aligned in your shoes, meaning you can be pain and injury free whether running on the trail or walking around town. 

Somnio shoes, developed at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, can adapt to or correct your particular alignment, arch and cushioning needs. Just like the running shoes, the Somnio technical casual shoes feature Somnio's signature F.E.A.T (Functionally Engineered Adaptable Tricomponent) system. This system includes various customizable components that can be fine tuned within the shoe to offer the perfect fit. 

The customizable components include interchangeable footbeds based on your arch height and foot shape, cushioning inserts based on your weight and preferred running or walking surface, and tunable Varus wedge inserts for further addressing your particular biomechanical needs. 

The Somnio casual shoes were designed with a number of environmentally friendly features including vegetable dyed leather, water soluble glues, and recycled laces. The midsole is made from 30% recycled material and the Vibram outsole includes 50% recycled rubber content. 

Somnio introduced their adjustable, custom fit running shoe last summer and have since received much positive feedback. Customers and retailers were demanding for the same custom fit in all types of footwear, which spurred the company's expansion into a technical casual shoe line.   

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