GOAL ZERO Portable Power Systems

Goal Zero Portable Power Systems

Salt Lake City based GOAL ZERO is on a mission to deliver eco-friendly solar power to outdoor enthusiasts whatever their adventure. Ultra portable and dependable, the GOAL ZERO power systems are completely modular kits of alternative, renewable energy. 

GOAL ZERO was founded by Robert Workman upon returning home from a volunteer trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo. He wanted to find a way to provide renewable yet dependable power to the remote communities he had visited. After two years of product development, the original GOAL ZERO prototype was born.

A team of athletes and fellow adventurers helped stress test the solar power systems and provide important development feedback, polar explorer Eric Larsen among them (see video below). The result is a complete line of ultra portable power systems that are adaptable to fit any kind of outdoor adventure. 

The GOAL ZERO Kits include a solar panel, soft or hard sided and in various sizes, as well as a battery power pack with storage capacities that range from 50-350 Watt hours. Optional kit accessories include an universal inverter to provide regular AC power and a high lumen LED light. 

The battery power packs can be recharged either by the mains, car adapter or via the solar panel when out in remote places. The power packs include a USB or DC 12V adapter for powering your gadgets with a normal wall plug on the universal inverter or integrated into the Scout Power Pack.  

A 3 Watt LED, 140 lumens light plugs into the power pack and up to 12 lights can be daisy chained together for use around camp.  Up to 4 power packs can also be daisy chained together for those times or situations where you might need to recharge a lot of technical gear. 

All the GOAL ZERO portable power systems will be available in Spring 2011. The Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit will retail for $449.95, the Scout 150 Explorer Kit for $499.95 and the Sherpa 120 Adventure Kit for $749.95. 

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