Easton Kilo Three Season Ultra Light Tent

Easton Kilo three season ultra light tent

Easton Mountain Products recently achieved their goal of creating a three season ultra light tent that weighs under a kilogram. Utilizing numerous of the company's latest innovations, the Easton Kilo tent does not sacrifice performance or protection in order to cut the weight. 

Two all new Carbon ION poles create the frame system for the Easton Kilo. Designed to maintain stability in ultra light tents, Carbon ION utilizes a small diameter and is the lightest tent pole ever developed. Easton even went a step further and replaced the traditional shock cord system that holds your aluminum tent poles together with their revolutionary new AirLock pole connectors. 

Easton Kilo ultra light tent

The AirLock connector is comprised of a short and strong monofiliment tether plus an aluminum/carbon composite core tube. Two receivers on either end of the monofiliment pressure-fit between the two pole sections, snapping them in to place. 

The AirLock connectors work to increase the strength of every connection point. The Carbon ION poles together with these new connectors create a frame system that is 56% lighter than the equivalent aluminum, shock cord system. 

Cutting so much weight in the frame meant Easton did not have to skimp on actual tent fabric materials. The two person floor area is made from 30D ripstop nylon, the fly from 20D ripstop nylon and the canopy fabric made from 20D lightweight nylon. 

Easton Kilo ultra light tent 

The Easton Kilo ultra light tent will retail for $399 and be available for Spring 2011. 

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